iPads and Education

  • Definition: The iPad as an educational tool is used in elementary, secondary and special education classrooms.

  • Overview: This Wiki is designed as an informative tool for teachers and families who use or plan to use the iPad as an educational tool. We have organized this Wiki into three categories: early childhood-childhood applications, secondary applications, and special education applications including related links, videos and blogs. Not all applications are cookie cutter specific to certain ages but here are general guidelines and suggestions for using the iPad as an educational tool for students of all ages and abilities.

  • iPad Resources For All Age Groups:
    • http://livebinders.com/play/play/36989iPod Touch and iPad Resources - LiveBinder. This is a very comprehensive LiveBinder pertaining to the use of iPads in Education. There are 14 tabs each with their own sub-tabs all centered around the use of iPod Touch and iPads in schools.
    • http://livebinders.com/play/play/26195 iPads in Schools - LiveBinder. Another comprehensive LiveBinder pertaining to the use of iPads in the school setting. This binder also has 14 tabs each with their own sub-tabs all centered around the use of iPads in schools.

Early Childhood and Childhood iPad Applications


Youtube Video:
  • Below is a video clip on how the iPad is being used in elementary classrooms


  • This forum contains multiple blogs addressing uses of iPads in the classroom along with discussions and iPad tips
  • Educators EvaluateThis is a first grade classrooms blog about their first encounters with the iPad in class

Secondary iPad Applications


Below is a video about Singapore's Nanyang Girls High School:
  • A Singapore school is ditching textbooks in favor of Ipads as a new teaching tool. The Ipads is seen as just the thing for the school as it is lighter and more mobile than textbooks and notebooks. With the goal of changing teaching and learning in its classrooms, Singapore's Nanyang Girl's High School has replaced its textbooks with iPad tablet computers


The author of this article explains how iPad can make different to the students learning. The article shows how iPad is useful within the educational field. The author emphasizes that educators need to think of the new device as more than just a new piece of hardware.

This article discusses how iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad can be used in the classroom from K-12 grades including students with disabilities. Students benefit from the use of mobile devices that encourage them to play, discover and learn new knowledge.

This article shows how iPad can be used in the school to improve students’ academic performance. The author states that having students with a device such as the iPad in the classroom is something that encourages students to learn because students are more digital; and so they get more involved and their attention is kept longer when they use iPad in the classroom.
The author of this article discusses the impact of the iPad on K-12 schools. She says that iPad has a nice large touch interface that students with motor skill issues can work with it easily.


This article explains how students learn more, faster, and even better when they use iPad in their learning process.

iPads in Special Education


App Lists:

iPhone and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education. This is a good comprehensive list of Apps pertaining to Special Education for the iPad.

10 Revolutionary iPad Apps to Help Autistic Children. This is great list of Apps for the iPad specifically geared toward students with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

The DSAQ Guide to Apps For iPad and iPod Touch. Guide to Apps for the iPod and iPad for people with Down Syndrome put out by the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland.



iPads in Special Education - LiveBinder. This is a LiveBinder pertaining to the use of iPads in special education. It contains tabs for websites/wikis, blogs and articles/reviews.


Apple in Education. Apple's site about the features available on their products for students with special needs.


The Power of the iPad. This a great article about the potential of the iPad for those with disabilities.

iPads Become Learning Tools for Students With Disabilities. Article about using iPads in the classroom with students who have multiple disabilities.

4 Ways iPads Are Changing the Lives of People with Disabilities. Article about four ways that iPads can be used to enhance the lives of disabled people.

Marin Co. to Issue iPads for its Special Education Students. Short article with video about the school districts decision in Marin County, CA to distribute iPads to all their special education students.

iPad Technology Helps Down Syndrome Student Communicate. News article with video about a second grade student with Down syndrome who uses Prologue2Go to facilitate communication.


Using iPads to Personalize Learning in an Autism Classroom from iDream.tv on Vimeo.

Great video clip about a student with autism using the iPad as an adaptive technology.

Very nice video about bringing iPads into the Special Education classroom.

Hands On Music: An iPad Band for Students with Disabilities. Fantastic video about inclusion of students with disabilities in music activities using iPads.

iPads in Special Education. Presentation from Spectronics about the use of iPads in Special Education.


iPads in the Special Education Classroom. Very comprehensive blog by Glenda Hampton Anderson about the use of iPads in the Special Education classroom.

On a Tight Budget? 7 Ways to Get an iPad for Your Child With Special Needs. Another great blog post about how to get your special needs child an iPad.

6 Steps to Get The iPad Into Your Child's Special Education Classroom. Great blog about getting your school provide your child with an iPad in their Special Education classro om.

Useful Apple and Apps-Related Resourses from Spectronics' Consultancy Team. Good blog with many links to resources related to the use of iPads in Special Education.

iPad Apps for Kids Review. Great blog post by a mother of two children with Down Syndrome about her favorite iPad Apps.