Below is the information about this team wiki project Click to listen:

Project Description: You and 2 to 3 of your peers will decide on a current topic in education (does not have to be related to technology). On your wiki page you must provide the following:
  1. *A working definition of your topic (A concise sentence or two is all that is required here.)
  2. *A general overview of your topic (one well-written paragraph suffices here to explain what concepts/ideas your topic encompasses).
    *You can either use the Discussion tab on your page to communicate about 1 & 2, or one of you can set up and share a Google Doc with the res of your group. If you do this, please share it with me as well. There is a new feature in Google Docs that allows contributors to discuss document content which is quite helpful. Here is one I started with a link to a video about the Discussions feature.
  3. A wide variety of annotated (brief, one sentence description of each resource) resources to support your topic which provide visitors to your page easy access to those resources. In addition to the typical resources (websites, books, etc.) please be sure to include at least
    • two videos (embed them on the page)
    • a few relevant blogs as resources (posts or dedicated blogs)
    • a few relevant images for contextual/visual appeal
  4. Categorize your sources as much as possible (ie. articles, books, tutorials, videos, workshops, news, professional memberships, blogs, wikis, etc…)
  5. Link files (this is not required) for download if appropriate (ie. word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations,...)
  6. Any other information that would be valuable to support your topic.

NOTE: This is an asynchronous collaborative project that should be done continuously over time. To benefit from peer collaboration and communication, you must be an on-going contributor rather than a last-minute one. You cannot just do your part a day or two before the project is due. That doesn't constitute "collaboration". Log in daily and contribute ideas/resources to your team's page.
Failing to do so will negatively impact your grade since this a collaborative project.