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Bullying is when a person tries to hurt or scare someone, generally a person who is unable or has a hard time defending him or herself. Bullying has also now began to take place electronically through mean texts, picture messages and other such aggressive online behavior.

An Overview on Bullying
Bullies have been around for a long time, there have always been more powerful preying on the weak, whether socially or physically. That being said, it is only in recent history that bullying has garnered such media attention because of extreme acts certain people take, like beating people up to near death or even death. The movie, Mean Girls, depicts social bullying by spreading rumors and keeping people out of their group. Schools are beginning to understand the importance of creating bully-free environments, such as the school bus. Many schools have adopted the idea of bully-free buses. For everyday that is bully free on the bus, the school is closer to whatever prize they have set. With the onset of cell phones, smart phones and the Internet bullying is no longer only in schools, buses and playgrounds; bullying can be done at anytime from almost anywhere. The cyber bully still preys on the weak through sending mean messages in various mediums (instant messages, text or emails), sending terrible pictures or sext pictures out to everyone either by texts or posting on a website. Sometimes people will try and log-in as someone else and post nasty things as well. Bullying is mean and hurtful, in real life, some people get seriously injured or even killed over bullying and with cyber bullying, there have been too many cases of people killing themselves over the mean things others have posted.

More information on what bullying is and types of bullying can be found here: http://www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/kids/what-is-bullying.aspx, where the above paragraph was created from.

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