Autism is a brain disorder that affects development in people as early as childhood and persists throughout adulthood. The three major areas of development that autism affects are communication, social intervention and creative play. The origins of autism are unknown.

Autism is a complex disorder of the central nervous system that affects more than 1.5 million people in this country with defining core features such as problems with social interactions, impaired verbal and nonverbal communication and a pattern of repetitive behavior with restricted interests. A number of other symptoms frequently coexist with autism. Some of those symptoms include having problems using language, forming relationships, and appropriately interacting with other individuals in society. Autism is a behavior defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in early childhood. In these individuals autism remains a constant throughout life, although research has allowed individuals with autism to control and adjust their behavior to be able to adapt easier to society. Although there still remains no cure for autism, within the last generation most children with autism have been able to remain living at home with their families, instead of being institutionalized.

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This site can help someone understand what autism is, different treatments that the individual can use, as well as support systems and resources that can further the knowledge to help autistic individuals and families of individuals that have autism. There is also a spot to find local and national events that support the fight to cure autism, as well as a spot to make a donation.
******Autism Health Article******-
This site gives a detailed definition, as well as causes, risk factors, symptoms. There is also a great section dealing with support groups and what to expect as an autistic life continues.
******Autism** **MedTV******-****
This site has a wide range of articles relating to autism including such topics as asperger's syndrome, as well as other health topics. --
This site has links to answer many questions about Autism. One can find out what the symptoms of a person with autism is, noting that not all people with autism suffer from the same symptoms. You can also find out some of the possible indicators of autism, as well as "Top Myths" and "Traits" of people with autism.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke -- ****
This site has has a Disorder Index at the top of it's page. By clicking on Autism, you can scroll down to find answers to many questions such as: What is it, treatments, prognosis, and what research is being done. At the bottom of the page it lists names of different organizations along with their web-sites, addresses and some phone numbers.
Overcoming Autism: Public Schools deal with a Growing Problem-
www ism-school-special-needs
An special report explores how, as the number of special-needs students soars, public schools grapple with ways to offer high-quality education without going broke.
Legos Build a Social Bridge- -- daily/20080315_Legos_a_building_block_in_autism_therapy.html - 119k
This is a recent article that shows how toys used in therapy can be a key in some autistic children's brains. They show how Legos can build a social bridge.

Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph over Autism by Catherine Maurice.
This book is based on a mother's account of using the Lovaas's Behavior Modification treatment, as well as the holding therapy. If you are a depressed parent this book is great for you. [Autism, account, behavioral, holding, treatment]
Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism by Donna Williams.
The author explores the 4 (1994) years since she has been diagnosed with autism. Throughout this process she tries to live a normal life. [Autism, account]
Without Reason: A family copes with Two Generations of Autism by Charles A. Hart.
A first hand look at a man that has an autistic brother as well as an autistic son. This is an inspiring book that is written by someone on the outside looking in that deals with autism every day. [Autism, account, family]
Children with Aut ism: A Parent's Guide by Michael D. Powers.
The is a guide to treatments, education and legal issues that has a glossary, reading list and a guide to national and local organizations in the USA. [Autism, parents, intro]

Autism 101- cit_23015118/166556405Autism%20101%20Presentation.pdf
This powerpoint shows the history of Autism, as well as the characteristics, symptoms and treatments.

********Giving Good Directions to Children with Autism******** --*|**</span>
This 97 second video explains how to give 'better' directions to children with autism. It tells how giving the child a question can lead to confusion and stress on both sides.

The Face of Autism --</span>
This video clip shows pictures of a child named Quinn with autism and different signs of autism. It shows classic early indicators of autism that most parents probably wouldn't know.
Hope from J-Mac --</span>
This video clip is from ESPN's Sportcenter. It is a segment they did on Jason McElwain of Greec Athena in Rochester, NY. Jason (or J-Mac) touches the world with his one and only Varsity Basketball game he plays. He scores 20 points in just over 4 minutes of playing time and this event gives Hope to others with this disorder.

Autism Blogger | The Online Autism Support Group
A community of people who's lives have been affected by autism.
Autism Hub: Autism Related Blogs - The Best Autism Blogging Around
You can join this hub by emailing them at
Child Blogs
The fastest growing Mom network where you can get advice and share photos.

**Autism Wiki** - **Autism Wiki** - Living with **autism**, personal stories **...**
This wiki was created by the people who use it. Autism Wiki is a place where people with autism can go, as well as people who care about them.
**Autism** - **Wikis** from Wikia - Join the best **wiki** communities
This wiki is a site that can be used to find personal stories of both children with autism and parents of those children.

Autism workshops
**Autism** Conferences
Autism Web is a place to find out where the nearest or best conferences, workshops and events about autism are going to be held.
**Autism** Society of America: Preconference **Workshop**
A free all-day workshop that is intended for people on the spectrum of autism. parents, caregivers and professionals are all welcome to attend.
Making Sense of **Autism**
For anyone interested in scheduling a making sense of Autism workshop please contact us at


Center for the Study of **Autism**
Two popular auditory programs written by Stephen M. Edelson called Earobics and Fast for Word. These programs accentuate or stress speech sounds in order to facilitate the person's recognition and identification of sounds.
Professional Development for Staff
This page contains information about online courses, tutorials, implementing various instructional strategies, technology tools, and P.D. session handouts from system wide P.D. days.