Week 11

Welcome to Our Wiki Project Site.

You will use this wiki service to create your wiki page(s) for your group wiki project.
You can use any browser you wish, but if something seems to be behaving strangely, try another browser (Firefox, IE, Safari,...).

Here are the steps you need to take to get started:
  1. Determine your group (done in class)
  2. In the menu along the left, you will see a page titled "Teams". Navigate to that page, edit it by clicking on the "edit this page" tab at the top of the page, claim a group, and add your team member names. First names is all that is necessary.
  3. Then, along the top left, click on the link that reads "New Page"
  4. Name your page in a way that makes your group identifiable and unique (topic would be good ie. "Lit Circles"). Click "Create".
  5. Return to the Teams page and add your link so that it is live or clickable.
  6. Go to your page and you can now begin fleshing it out. Remember, there is a discussion tab to leave comments, thoughts, ideas... without adding content to the page itself.

It helps if you subscribe to changes to your own team page so you receive notification when your team members add/edit content. To do so, click on the "Notify Me" tab of your team's page and request notification for all page changes. These notifications will come to your email. Alternately, you can subscribe to the changes in your RSS reader (Google Reader) by copy/pasting the resulting links when you click on the rss chicklets. This will require you to check your RSS reader frequently, though.

  • Here is a series of brief video tutorials on Wikispaces

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